Peloponnese, a wonderful land!

The prefecture of Ilia is one of the most fertile regions in Greece.

Ilia is one of the seven prefectures of the Peloponnese. Located in the northwest part of the Peloponnese, it borders to the north with the prefecture of Achaia, to the east with the prefecture of Arcadia, to the south to Messenia.

To the west, it borders to the Ionian Sea. The ground of the prefecture is basically flat especially the western part, here are many intensively cultivated fields.

The plain of Ilia is the largest in the Peloponnese. The mountainous terrain of Ilia is located in the northeast and east area of the prefecture, here are the mountains Erimanthos (2129 meters) and Lampeia (1797 meters) situated.

The level of the coast is low, there are long sandy beaches and also lagoons. Near Kyparissia is the Kaiafas Lagoon located and in the northwest coast the Katochi Lagoon. The main capes are the Akrotiri Katakolon and the cape of Kyllini.

The economy is fairly rural, there are cereals, rice, dried grapes, cotton, citrus fruits, oil, vegetables and legumes cultivated. Also, tourism contributes significantly to the economy of the prefecture, for example, the archaeological site of Olympia.

In Ilia are also the thermal springs of Kyllini, the mineral springs of Kaiafas and many beautiful beaches.

Key centers of Ilia are the capital of Pyrgos, the town of Amaliada and the villages of Andritsena, Gastotuni,  Andravida and Lechaina.


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