The Nature of an Olympian God

According to mythology, Hephaestus had his forge on the island of Limnos and taught its first residents, the Sinties, the art of processing copper.

Serenely floating in the north of the Aegean Sea, Limnos (also spelled Lemnos) is a destination for a peaceful holiday in close contact with nature.

Sheltered gulfs, extensive beaches and landscapes of volcanic rocks alternate with small hills and traditional villages of stone houses.

Worth visiting:

  • The impressive castle overlooking Myrina, the beautiful capital which is layered with traditional paved alleys
  • The petrified forest near the town of Moudros, dating to 20-22 million years ago
  • The prehistoric settlement of Poliochni which is thought to be the oldest Neolithic city in Europe.
  • The archaeological site of Hephaestia
  • The two small lakes Alyki and Chortarolimni
  • The thermal springs of Hephaestus, which are ideal for skin conditions and urinary system problems
  • The waterfalls near the village of Kaspakas.
  • The village of Kontias, which is built with traditional stone houses on a pine-clad hill

The gorgeous sandy beaches of the islands, which range from peaceful, remote, romantic to busy and well-organized ones. Especially for water sports lovers the beaches of Thanos, Gomati, and Keros, Platy or Chavouli ought to be on postcards from Limnos.

Gastronomic delights

The volcanic soil of Limnos lends its fertility to fruitful plains, which the locals make the best of by producing goods of unique taste and excellent quality wines.

Enjoy the renowned Muscat of Limnos, a Designation of Origin of Superior Quality sweet white wine and the cheese “kalathaki“, a kind of white cheese that is left to dry and mature in small straw baskets, as well as its delicious pale yellow version “melichloro” (meaning soft cheese of honey colour). For those with a sweet tooth, don’t miss the special venizelika sweets that Limnos produces.

The tasty thyme honey and the fresh fish are also some of the great gifts of nature to the lucky island.

Transportation: The international airport of the island is regularly connected to Athens, Thessaloniki and Mytilini. By boat: Connection with the islands of Agios Efstratios, Lesvos and Samothrace (in the summertime only) and with the mainland to the ports of Piraeus and Lavrio (Athens area) Thessaloniki and Kavala.


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